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Here's How It Works

Lisa Ascolese, AKA "The Inventress" selects products to promote and review. All selected products are highlighted and displayed on the "Product Review" webpage on this website for at least one week, in addition, it will be highlighted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

How does this benefit you and your product? 

Your product will be showcased in front of thousands of viewers over the course of one very productive week, and it will give your product exposure that it wouldn't otherwise have. As a result, it will help to build your brand. 


How exciting is that?

It's a fact that in most cases a product needs to be seen by consumers more than once before the average shopper decides to buy it. This a great opportunity for any product, new or old to receive repetitive exposure as an add-on to your current marketing approach.


You will build momentum and your product will sell while you sleep, as it should. There is no better way to sell a product than that!





Simply provide us with a sample of your item, along with a short bio about yourself and why you came up with the product. 

If we believe it's a fit for the "Product Review" show, you will be next on ouir list.

Please click the "Registration Here" button at the top of this page to get started. 

We look forward to making your product our next "Product Review".

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